rainbow cross72 Welcome to Woodside Church, the most progressive Christian congregation in Michigan’s most interesting city!

With a history of civil engagement (marching, advocating, getting arrested and what not), this congregation has shown itself over and over again to be on the side of people who seem to get left out.

A dynamic place, Woodside is a multicultural congregation in partnership with two exciting denominations.* Here we serve God and the larger community while plumbing the depths of the teachings of Jesus. If you’re looking for a church that takes the bible seriously but not literally, a church that helps you explore and live faith in a safe, all-questions-are-valid setting, we think we might be your place. Here, you’ll find spiritual nurture, hopeful community, and a congregation that cares about God’s vision of shalom. Home.

We are an “Open, Welcoming, and Affirming” congregation, which means we embrace people without regard to race, culture, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or economic status. We think it makes us stronger. We know it makes us happier.
*The United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Churches.


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