who we are, what we believe

Woodside Church means it when we say we are an "open, welcoming and affirming" Christ community. We know all of us don't think the same way, aren't in the same place on our spiritual journeys, approach God in a variety of ways. Our statement of belief reflects our shared perspective and leaves space for faith expression. 

God is with us in life, in death, in life beyond death. We are not alone.
— Woodside's Statement of Belief

Our mission

Woodside is a progressive Christian community,
nurturing faith, honesty and diversity,
where members and friends live Jesus' way of social justice. 


Our Statement of belief

                 We believe

                                    In God.

                                       God loves all people.

                                       God is with us in life, in death, in life beyond death.

                                                We are not alone.

                    We believe

                                    In the teachings of Jesus and in exemplifying His life.

                    We believe

                                    The Church is the faith of its people

                                    It is the responsibility of our church to promote within each individual
the Spirit of God and the teachings of Jesus.

                                    The Church has a responsibility to the community and
                                                 our faith is a pattern for action.

                    We believe

                                    Worship is expressed in many forms,
in prayer, music, and meditation

                                    Spiritual development is a never ending process.

                    We believe

                                  In the dignity and uniqueness of each individual.

                                  All individuals have the right to their own interpretation of religious faith;

                                  By coming together in Christian fellowship, we renew our spiritual energy;

                                  Our faith is demonstrated by a dynamic response to changing times.

                We are an Open, Welcoming, and Affirming congregation
                                     accepting into the full life and ministry of our church all persons,
                                         including those of every race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation,                                             gender identity, ability, and economic status.

                At Woodside our diversity strengthens our faith.

                       Our actions are a reflection of our Christian faith.