Ever get to the end of a Sunday worship and think "now what" or "I'd like to dig into that a little more"? Or maybe you just can't groove with Sundays (never or not yet). Daybreak is another interesting part of life at Woodside -- a chance to explore our faith together in a challenging, safe environment... 

What do we do?
We get together on Thursday evenings (6:30 pm) every other week, to ponder a theme. Each gathering will probably look a little different: there may be a reading, a video, meditation, poetry, music or an unexpected experience that lends a fresh perspective.
So it's something we observe?
More like something we engage in. Each week, we will have discussions about our experiences, as well as maybe some of what we heard about on Sundays (though you don't have to attend on Sunday to participate in Daybreak). Each person's participation will shape what the gathering looks like. No matter what your ideas or questions might be, we hope to provide a place that is both safe and challenging.
So, when is it?
Daybreak is every other Thursday at 6:30pm at Woodside. If you have questions, best is just show up, but you can also email us and we'll try to answer your questions. (Not sure which is the "every other" thursday? check out the latest newsletter...)
What's in it for me?
Well, a chance to be in a group of people with some of the same questions you may have. Plus, coffee and childcare!