education at Woodside

Churches all have ways of passing the stories along. Some people call it Christian Education, some just say "Sunday school." At Woodside, we're calling it Faith Exploration, since it seems to be as much about questions as answers. Whatever you call it, we do it Sundays and other times, and we try to keep it fresh. Here's what's going on right now... (And if you want to know what we believe, you can find that here.)

sundays for kids

Classes for kids are during the worship service, 11 am each Sunday, during the school year, including age-appropriate lessons for pre-K - gr 2; grades 3-6. (Our teens are still trying to figure out what they are up for.) In the summer, we have childcare only, in the nursery in the lower level. Missy is delighted to welcome them with stories and activities.

sundays for adults

During the school year, we have several classes and forums for adults at 9:30 -- and child care available during this time.

To give you an idea, here's what 2015-16 looked like:

  • Lectionary Study Group – considers the same lessons we read that day in worship
  • Living our Faith in the World – considers faith in light of social realities: water crisis, mass incarceration, whatever is in the news
  • Adult Book Forum reads and discusses. For spring, they chose God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World by Stephen Prothero.  
  • An Inquirers Class with Pastor Deb explores membership at Woodside. We do this in 3-5 week sessions, and a new round is usually starting soon. If you're interested in this, call or email Annie to join the list and get notifications. 

not on Sundays?

We have that, too. There's usually at least one book group underway, though this also slows in the summer. These meet 5-6 weeks, usually at a local restaurant. For the weeks of May, we met Fridaysat the 501, and read "Pre-Post-Racial America: spiritual stories from the front lines" by Sandhya Jha. Ideas? let us know!